Thursday, January 27, 2005

Jill Sobule at Largo - She kissed a boy

Once again we were at Largo for Jill Sobule. Jill opened with Que Sera Sera and segued (really, it was a segue) into All the Young Dudes. She was so proud of her segue, she actually stopped the song for a second to beam, I just segued Doris Day into David Bowie. It was a night of covers and she was about to do another one, but first she had a newer song: One that she didnt remember the lyrics to. ::::grin:::: So, up on stage I went to hold her laptop while she sang. When the song was over, instead of taking the laptop back, she just started fiddling with the touch pad and then told the audience to sing along with the “da da da part of The Associations, Never My Love. I of course joined in quietly. But, near the end of the song, she turned to me and said, I want you to sing with me, and so we sang the final chorus and refrain together. I leaned in to share the microphone and we sang the final words, Never my love slowly, gazing into each other's eyes. Then she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. Oh my God! How many shades of red did I turn Margo? Speaking of Margo, she looked adorable in her t-shirt that she purchased from Jills web site. It reads My Bush would make a better president. Actually, this was the first Jill show Id seen were there was actually a lack of politics. There was some social commentary, but no politics. Meanwhile, I got 2 requests played. The easy one was Mexican Wrestler, which she likes to do. The other, and it was a big surprise that she was excited to do it was Kathy Lee: Her story of forbidden love with the ex t alk show host. Many in the audience had never heard it so it was fun listening to everyone laugh during the song. The guy next to me was obviously a huge fan since he knew the lyrics and sang along to the entire song. Part way through the song, Jill looked over at him, obviously surprised that someone was singing along. Jill played for a good hour and 45 minutes and I got another shot on the stage to do my stuff. Throughout the evening, she had a cello, stand up bass and second acoustic guitar coming and going on stage. Kevin Posey, the guy that winked at me the last time I saw her sang one of his songs with her and the band to open her set. After the show I chatted with Jill about a couple of things and then got a big hug from her when I asked to join the tour (holding a laptop and getting kissed every night seems like a great way to spend my time). I also got a nice compliment about my singing with her from a couple who were chatting with Jill. Normally I wouldnt mention this, but they were a couple of film people (wrote and directed or produced a movie with John Doe dont know which one though). I was sort of waiting for the movie deal, but they had to leave. Oh well

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