Monday, April 04, 2005

This Weeks Play List

Lots of new music this week…

Holly Palmer – I Confess (2004) If you haven’t read my review of her show with Kenny White, start here: . I really like this CD. It’s pop enough to lure in the casual listener, but her lyrics are well beyond the typical pop pulp. And what she does with her voice; how she plays with phrasing… it’s just a pleasure to listen to. You can find her music and her sexy photos at .

Young Dubliners – Real World (2005) I’ve been a Young Dubliners fan for years. They have always been known for their live shows (Mosh pits with 30 year olds floating is a thing to behold). Their CDs never lived up to these shows until their live one a few years back. And with each succeeding CD they have continued to improve. This may be the best yet. A little U2? Lots of Ireland and plenty of rock and roll.

Jon Dee Graham – The Great Battle (2004) My friend Deb saw Jon open for Alejandro Escodevo in Chicago this year and loved him. After listening to his latest CD I can understand why: Good melodies, strong songwriting and a voice that makes you want to clear your throat throughout (okay, that is either a plus or a minus. I love it).

The Devlins – Waves (2005) Another good CD from The Devlins. I know, I just added an old Devlins CD to the play list. Isn’t that always the way. Anyway, this is an excellent CD. 2005 is turning into a good year musically.

Charlie Does Surf – A Tribute To The Clash (2004) Living in Southern California you can’t really go too far without running into something that has to do surfing. And here in the OC we are the home of surf music. But it took a some guys down in San Diego to put together this wonderful grouping of surf bands playing their favorite Clash tunes. The best songs on this CD aren’t the biggest hits. But check it out for yourself. You can get more info at .

Joni Mitchell – Hejira (1976). When I was a teen, back in the very early 70’s, Russ Shaw, a friend of the family’s, handed me the Warner Brothers catalog and said, “Pick out all the albums you want”. This was around 1971 or so. What a great time for music that was. I picked around 20 albums. Stuff from Van Morrison, James Taylor, The Grateful Dead, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Joni. So began my love affair with probably the greatest woman in folk and rock. I think I love Hejira today more than when it came out. Joni was moving away from the accessible pop and closer to her jazz future. The music on this album is still powerful, almost 30 years later.

John Fogerty – Premonition (1998) It’s John Fogerty Live, playing not only his solo music, but CCR classics as well (finally). What else needs to be said?

Bruce Springsteen – Live in New York City (2001) The live album we always wanted. As close to a full set from The Boss as we will ever get… legally.

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