Friday, June 09, 2006

Gilmore Girls Live

Okay, the title is a bit of a joke but… When David Palmer had his favorite Phillips on stage, you couldn’t help but think about how cool the Gilmore Girls is to have Sam doing the music and Grant to show up occasionally and sing. So yes, it was a David Palmer show, but David loves to sit in the background playing his piano (and man can he play) letting his friends front the band. And so after two beautiful solo numbers by David, up came Sam. The two of them did a couple of songs together and then the rest of the band joined in: Jay and Patrick from her band, a guy named Paul (sorry, can’t remember his last name) on bass and one other guy playing a little but cool keyboard. After 4 songs taken from her last two CDs, the highlight came: A new song called “Signal”. On first listen Sam seems to be singing about being at a crossroads; waiting for a signal. It’s a wonderful song that fits very nicely into what she has been doing for the last couple of years. Grant Lee Phillips then joined the group as Sam moved to backing vocals and then left after one song. Grant then led the band for about 5 or 6 numbers which included singing some covers by Bowie and a powerful version of Neil Young’s “After the Gold Rush”. My daughter has school today, so we left before the second half jam began. Last time I saw the show, the jam was very very cool.

We only got to talk to Sam for… 20 minutes. When I sat down afterward, I was blown away at the time. It was such a fun conversation. Even Grant had trouble pulling her away. The big highlight? Her next CD is in the can! She is label shopping right now. Expect to hear it early next year. It was completely produced by Sam this time (T-Bone oversaw the mix of Boot…). Along with “Signal”, “When You’re Down” and “Sister Rosseta” (Not sure of the exact title) are in the collection.

Off topic here… If you’re wondering why John Mayer played guitar with T-Bone on the Leno show, it is really very simple. His guitar player couldn’t make the show and someone recommended JM.

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