Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Misc Music News

I'm working my butt off to get as many of the '06 CDs in to my play list as possible before the end of the year. Meanwhile, I thought I'd pass on a bit of music news...

KGSR has released their annual live CD. As always, it has great stuff on it. It is, in my opinion the best radio station CD year in and year out. Just some of the artists on this 2 CD disk are: Death Cab, Nickel Creek, Patty Griffin, Kathleen Edwards, Beth Orton, Spoon, David Gray, Brandi Carlile, World Party, Kt Tunstall, Teddy Thompson, Rosanne Cash, Shawn Colvin and many more. They still have them in stock at www.waterloorecords.com . Don’t miss out. They always sell out. And then you’ll have to beg Deb to find one for you.

It’s not as exciting, but The Mountain, up in Washington has their 1 disk CD available. Not sure if they have sold out, but there’s good stuff including: Gomez, KT, Guster, Train, Barenaked Ladies and Goo Goo Dolls. You can get it here: http://www.kmtt.com/listingsentry.asp?id=463978&pt=mountainmusicinfo

Phil Roy is having a holiday sale. Go to www.philroy.com and he not only is selling any of his 3 CDs for $10 plus shipping, but he will personally sign them any way you want. How cool is that?

Julian Coryell has a new CD out that is all covers. Although he says it is available now, CDBaby doesn’t seem to have them in stock. But you can have them alert you when it comes in. Buy it here: http://cdbaby.com/cd/juliancoryell2 . New music is coming from Julian this spring.

Lost among the hoopla of T-Bone Burnett’s new CD this year was his compilation CD (released on the same day), which I finally got around to listening to. Wow! Lots of stuff I didn’t know on this 40 song set. What is really interesting is that he has comments about how he came to write or why he wrote each of the songs. Very interesting. Also interesting, is the fact he has included a couple of songs from the CD he released on the same day. Anyone who likes to pick up a cd/album and read the lyrics will find this to be a real treat.

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