Sunday, March 18, 2007

New Music for March

Patty Griffin - Children Running Through (2007)
I talked about this CD in a previous post; Just go buy it.

Lucinda Williams - West (2007)

I'm not sure if there is anyone in music right now that conveys pain like Lucinda does. There is not as much anger on this CD and the music is less raw, but this is still a very good CD.

Rickie Lee Jones - The Sermon on Exposition Boulevard (2007)

Have you ever wondered how Rickie could disrupt Christian music? Well, now you get the chance to find out, as Rickie creates a unique sound to convey her feelings about Christianity. I love the music. The message you will have to decide for yourself.

Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris - Real Live Roadrunning (2006)

The live version of their excellent CD includes nice covers from their solo catalogs. If you skipped the studio version and you like either of these wonderful artists, this may be the CD for you.

Kemp Harris - Edenton (2006)

I seem to be getting a bunch of religious based music lately. And in case you hadn't already figured it out, The Promise is NOT a Christian music station. Nevertheless, a soulful voice singing in the blues/Gospel style is sometimes hard to ignore. And Kemp Harris is one of those people. You can almost hear him crying as he prays with his music.

Various Artists - Live from the Mountain Music Lounge Volume 12 (2006)

This is one of the better live radio compilations every year. The 2006 version includes live performances from David Gray, Gomez, KT Tunstall, Nickel Creek, Death Cab for Cutie, Brandie Carlile, Guster, Train, Barenaked Ladies, Goo Goo Dolls, and a few others.

Willy Mason - Where the Humans Eat (2006)

This is a very interesting and unique CD. It is very alt-country. The first listen didn't grab me, but part way through the second sitting, I was tapping my foot and really digging the lyrics. Could he be a young T Bone Burnett? Time will tell.

Paolo Nutini - These Streets (2007)

Everyone is talking about Paolo. At such a young age, he has such an ancient voice. Not unlike Van Morrison, he is another Irishman with lots of soul. The CD is very well produced; maybe too much so. If his people push him as hard as they seem to be so far, we may all get very tired of him very quickly. Hopefully he will reject it all and use his voice for good instead of evil.

Various Artists - Endless Highway The Music of The Band (2007)

One of the great bands of our time, The Band's music is so good and the musicians were so good, you have to be a bit nervous about a tribute CD. But the songs work. Some are very faithful, others add a healthy dose of outside styles like country or jam band. But it is all good. At its worst, it makes you want to pull out your old Band CDs and give them a listen. And that may be reason enough to buy it. You may want to pick this up at Best Buy, which is selling it with a bonus disk that includes 4 more songs.

Tom Brosseau - Tom Brosseau (2006)

Let's call this "cowboy stream of consciousness". This folk/country/??? is beautiful and hypnotic. You just have to sit and listen for a half hour to really get it. I do recommend seeing him live, just to "get it". I understand this CD is older material brought together. He has a new CD out now that I haven't listened to yet.

Peter Moon Band - Postcards From Earth (2002)

Peter Moon is a very talented artist who's CD from a few years back, can easily compete with much of the music you hear on the radio today. Somewhere between Modern Rock and Pop, the music doesn't linger on any one style long enough to bore. I'm betting these guys put on a great live show.

Joe Goldmark - Seducing the '60s (2007)

This CD is a bit unusual. Joe Goldmark is a steel guitar player. He has brought his friends together to sing a bunch of covers that allow him to lay down some very tasteful slide guitar. He doesn't try and overpower the songs, which include a strong version of Neil Young's Helpless, instead creating a mood. He does a nice job of this.

Like a Version / Like a Version 2 - (2005 & 2006)

I stumbled on these CDs late last year. They are from an Australian radio station that has their guests sing cover songs. They then compile the best of them into these CDs. Damien Rice singing Prince's "When Doves Cry" is worth buying both CDs, paying the shipping and even sending a nice thank you card to whoever it was that sold it to you. But there are plenty of interesting performances from people who haven't made it here in the states... And they are all solid performances.

Carolyn Wonderland - Bloodless Revolution

Only in Austin can you go into a hole in the wall restaurant, eat some BBQ and listen to someone as talented as Carolyn Wonderland. She sings like she's seen more than her share of pain. And her guitar playing conveys the same emotion. I'd gain so much weight if I lived in Austin. And you will gain so much pleasure listening to this CD.

Frank Black - Fast Man Raider Man (2006)

It's Frank. 2 CDs. Lots of great songs. Enough said.

Crowded House - Farewell to the World (2006/2007)

Their back! Crowded House will be touring the U.S. this year and releasing a CD of new material. While we wait, they have given us their farewell performance on disc. How ironic is that? I'm sure they can tell you since Neil Finn is the master of irony. If nothing else, this CD reminds us that Crowded House could rock when they wanted to. Can't wait for the new stuff!

Josh Rouse - Sutitulo (2006)

If I'm going to kick back and listen to mellow... ahhhh, kick back music, I'll take a Josh Rouse over a Jack Johnson any day. Not that they have a lot in common, but Josh can just make you feel good without sounding the same from song to song. This is very good pop rock.

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