Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Music for February 2008

New music this month from: Kym Tuvim, Kristy Hanson, Sarah Borges, Jennifer Niceley, Shivaree, Johnette Napolitano, Nicole Atkins, Abra Moore, Linda Thompson, Willy Mason and The Cowboy Junkies.

Kristy Hanson - Already Gone (2007)
What really makes this a wonderful CD is that the woman with a beautiful voice is playing behind some of the best and most interesting players in Los Angeles. Jay Bellerose always find a unique way to give us a beat. Patrick Warren knows how to add the keyboards without overpowering. Mike Chiaburu's bass playing gives the whole thing a live jazz club feel. And Kristy sure can sing. Add to it some good songwriting, and you have a CD worth owning. You can get more info here:
Kym Tuvim - Nothing Sweet Nothing (2008)
A mix of jazz, blues and folk, I guarantee you will be hooked within 2 minutes into the first song of this excellent CD. She sings in a lower register not unlike Tracy Chapman or Joan Armatrading and it just sounds so good in front of her solid backing band. This jumps out to a big lead for best indie artist of 2008.
Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles - Diamonds in the Dark (2007)
Wow, what a CD. Someone was bugging me to check her last CD out and I never got around to it. But this was staring at me during my last visit to Amoeba Records and I picked it up. Every type of Americana you can think of seems to be here. It's a rockin' country CD with not a bad song on it. One of the best from 2007.
Jennifer Niceley - Luminous (2007)
Smokey, sexy, beautiful. This describes not only Jennifer but her music too. A jazzy and cool CD, I was really taken by it. And it didn't hurt that when I close my eyes I can see her subtly sultry performance from last year's ACL festival.
ONXRT 10 (2007)
Maybe the second best compilation on the planet, last year's disk is a best of disk. And there is lots to love with performances from: The Pretenders, Death Cab, Melissa,Decemberists, Chris Cornell, Warren Zevon, Joan Armatrading and more.
Shivaree - Tainted Love: Mating Calls and Fight Songs (2007)
Ambrosia Parsley and her band do a cover CD. What a unique idea. This must be the 20th cover CD I've listened to in the last year. Luckily, Ambrosia has a voice that can charm the beast while ripping him to shreds. These are not faithful covers, but love and lust songs turned inside out as only Shivaree can do. If you like Shivaree, you will love this quirky, cabaret like cover CD.
A Tribute to Joni Mitchell (2007)
This is a truly inspired lineup for a tribute CD. Some of the artists give it their own spin, from the Bjork version of Boho Dance to the dreamy Cassandra Wilson singing For the Roses. Sarah's version of Blue is heavenly.
Johnette Napolitano - Scarred (2007)
This is an emotional, painful, powerful CD from the leader of Concrete Blonde. There is almost a cinematic style to the lyrics. It has an interesting mix of singing and talk-singing that adds to the mood. Throw in some loud guitar (remember Concrete Blonde was influenced by Thin Lizzy) and you have a captivating CD.
Nicole Atkins - Bleeding Diamonds (2006)
Only 6 songs here, but she is someone to keep an eye on.
Abra Moore - On the Way (2007)
What a mature release from Abra. The songs are so well crafted and each has its own inner beauty. I could listen to this CD all day.
Linda Thompson - Versatile Heart (2007)
Richard's ex, puts out a solid piece of folk rock. And her son helped produce. How sweet is that? Seriously, check this one out. She deserves so much more fame. One of the best unknown singer/songwriters.
Willy Mason - If The Ocean Gets Rough (2007)
Willy just keeps getting better and better. I've been watching this kid grow up over the last several years. His performance at ACL last year made it clear that this boy is now a man. This is a more straightforward CD than the last one, and that should translate into more fans.
Cowboy Junkies - Trinity Revisited (2007)
A wonderful recreation of a special CD. The Junkies go back to church, sharing the stage with Ryan Adams, Vic Chesnutt, Natalie Merchant and Jeff Bird. Maybe not as good as the original, but the CD/DVD combo is still special.

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