Thursday, March 16, 2006

Jill Sobule and Julia Sweeney at Largo in Hollywood

A funny thing happens when you combine a SNL alumnus with one of music’s most interesting, humorous, A.D.D. songwriters. In fact lots of funny things happen. Which is what we got last night at Largo as Jill brought up Julia Sweeney for a bit of fun on stage. The way it worked was very simple. Jill and the band (Adam Levy on guitar and Dave Carpenter on stand up bass) would play a song and then when it ended, the band would continue playing and Julia would tell a story that related to the song. So, when Jill sang Angel/Asshole, Julia talked about a guy she dumped (not to mention throwing up all over him). This went on for 4 or 5 glorious songs/monologues. There are always plenty of laughs at a Jill Sobule concert, but it went into overdrive with Julia doing her one woman act. Still, there are few people in the world as quick and funny as Jill and during the encore Julia was stumped when Jill made her come up for an unrehearsed story after singing “Under the Disco Ball” a story about a young gay man. Julia didn’t know what to say until a man in the audience yelled out, “Have you ever dated a gay man?”. Julia laughed and said, “Yes, but neither of us knew it”. It was a fun funny evening and those of us in So.Cal. may be lucky enough to see it again in the near future.

Opening the show was Adam Levy. Adam is best known as Norah Jones guitar player, but has played on everyone from Tracy Chapman to Amos Lee. And, yes he is a good guitar player. But what really got me, were his vocals. He is a cleaner/deeper/softer Jon Dee Graham. I can’t believe that he hasn’t been singing on his CDs. His songs, even when they were about doing the wash, sounded so special and important you were ready to cry. I look forward to hearing more from him down the road.

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