Sunday, March 12, 2006

This Weeks Play List

Lots of music to add this week, so I’ll keep the comments short…

Grant Lyle – Grant Lyle (2006) An indie artist. He sent me some mp3s that I liked. You can hear more at

KT Tunstall – Eye to the Telescope (2006) Another one of the hot new artists you may be hearing a lot about this year. Very very good CD.

Elvis Costello (Live with the Metropole Orkest) – My Flame Burns Blue (2006) Not many artists take the risks that Elvis does. And when it works, it works real well. You start by enjoying the jazz remakes of a few of his songs, but even the new songs sound great. Yes, it is a jazz CD. But it is also an Elvis Costello CD. My favorite on the CD has to be the samba raved-up version of “Clubland”.

Etienne de Rocher – Etienne de Rocher (2006) Thanks to Mike for raving about this one. I really don’t know how to describe this guy. The first thing that came to mind was how much I kept thinking about Beck (not that he sounds like him). This is one talented guy who shouldn’t be on an indie label for very long.

Willie Nile – Streets of New York (2006) I saw Willie at the “Light of Day” concert in Hollywood a few months ago and loved his music right off the bat. You can hear everything from Dylan to Springsteen in his influences. An excellent CD.

Hem – No Word from Tom (2006) This is the first time I’ve heard these guys. This is an odds and ends type CD based on performances over the last 5 years or so. Think Cowboy Junkies and you have a good idea how special they are. But I bought this CD just because of one song, REM’s “South Central Rain”. What a great version.

Sia – Colour The Small One (2006 – U.S. Release) This is the official U.S. release with a couple of new songs and 2 more versions of “Breathe Me”. Neither are as good as the original release, but well worth the listen.

Saint Etienne – Tales From Turnpike House (2006) A concept album for the new millennium. This one is about the people living in this apartment complex. The music at times takes you back to the days before the Beatles and Stones took over the world. At the same time they can have a very techno feel. This is a fascinating CD.

Slacktone – Slacktone (1997) I heard “The Bells of St Kahuna” in concert and realized for the first time how good surf music can be. These guys are as tight as any prog rock band. Best surf music I have ever heard.

Luke Doucet – Broken (and other rogue states) (2005) This may be the breakup CD of the year (maybe the new millennium). There are lots of songs about cold and broken hearts (or lack there of) and, well, I just love this CD. His future wife, Melissa Mclelland sings backup vocals on many of the songs. He is the indie poster boy of Canada. Someday… Buy this CD!

Beaver Nelson – Motion (2004) We saw Beaver in Austin last year and picked up this CD (yes I am way behind on my listening). A very enjoyable CD… but I have run out of time.


Pulp Viction said...

Awesome playlist.
Also, I just got Rabbit Fur Coat, and I've been compulsively listening to it. Good stuff.

bruce said...

Thanks. I love the honesty in Rabbit Fur Coat. It is one of the few CDs lately that was hard to take out of my player.

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