Sunday, February 13, 2005

Four Concerts in Four Nights - Act 2

Friday Lunch
It was another fun gathering of the WCR group for a Friday lunch. Even if you have/had no desire to meet anyone here, eating at Zov’s in Tustin makes it all worthwhile. Joining Deb, Maria and I were Jill, Steve and Jane. Somehow, the cameras never came out. Sorry. You’ll just have to trust us that we had a lot of fun. And yummm, the Key Lime Tart was soooooo good.

The Finn Brothers

Act 2 of the 4 nights of rock and roll once again sent us south to the Belly Up in Solana Beach. Deb, who has been in So Cal. for 36 hours now and has yet to see a sunny sky, as the rain continues. Luckily, Maria, the only smart one in the group, brought a huge umbrella which the 3 of us easily fit under. We arrived at 5pm and were just able to be first in line. What that means at the Belly Up is that you can get a seat right next to the stage on the side: A perfect seat. Tonight’s performance was a stripped down Finn Brothers with just Neil, Tim and a bass player. Tim, along with playing his guitar, had a bass drum and snare drum with a foot pedal. The three of them sat in chairs throughout most of the show, which gave it a very informal feel. And when you consider how informal the Finn’s are to begin with, you can probably imagine how crazy it got when they asked for requests. After playing a couple, not to mention sort of covering a Thompson Twins song, Tim yells, “Whoever can think of the most obscure Split Enz song wins”. We’re not sure what they would have won though because they gave up trying to hear everyone and just continued from their set list. Like their show this last summer with the full band, Neil and Tim played music from all over their career with only 2 albums getting a lot of attention: The Crowded House classic, Woodface and the current CD “Everyone is Here”. This concert was a reminder of just how good “Everyone is Here” is. It fits in perfectly with all the great Crowded House and Split Enz songs. The boys from New Zealand played for about 2 hours and we left very happy.

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