Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Promise

The Promise is a radio stream on Live365 that I created back in August of 2002. My goal was to bring my vision of the AAA and World Class Rock radio formats to the Internet airwaves. The station plays plenty of singer/songwriters, some classic rock, some modern rock and lots of really deep cuts from CDs. I also try and put as many independent artists on the air as possible. There are a few artists that are displayed prominently on the station:
  1. Bruce Springsteen - The name of the station comes from a song of his. Barely an hour or two goes by without a song of his showing up.
  2. Sam Phillips - The only artist I've ever asked to marry me (she didn't say no :-) )
  3. Bob Schneider (includes the Scabs and the Ugly Americans) - Few people have blown me away in concert like he did the first time.
  4. Patty Griffin
  5. Ryan Adams
  6. John Hiatt
  7. Alejandro Escovedo
  8. Warren Zevon
  9. Jill Sobule - I can't believe I sang with her on stage (I'm not one to sing in front of people). Hell I can't believe she kissed me.
  10. Elvis Costello
The list of Independent artists and the current songs being played can be viewed at http://www.gdrmusic.com/thepromise .

The purpose of this blog is to give me more space to discuss music. I look forward to any and all comments (a brave statement early on... I may change my mind) about the music I play, the concerts I see, and anything else that fits this music "forum".

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