Sunday, February 13, 2005

Four Concerts in Four Nights - Act 3

Saturday Lunch
The sun came out! I can’t believe it. Deb and I headed into Beverly Hills for lunch with Lynne. My friend Janet actually came by for awhile too. The bakery/restaurant, Michele Richard, was very good. Thanks for the recommendation Lynne. This time I avoided the yummy desert, but Deb and Lynne split a mousse. And then on to Amoeba, where 3 hours and you don’t want to know how many CDs later, we dragged ourselves out of the store and on our way to the Wiltern.

Ani Difranco

Act 3 of this 4 act play took us to The Wiltern in L.A. where Ani Difranco was playing. Opening for Ani was Andrew Bird. Although I had heard good things about him, neither Deb nor myself enjoyed his set at all… and I love violin in rock! He expended so much energy working his tape loops that… well maybe that didn’t even matter. We just didn’t like the songs (although the lyrics sounded interesting).

So this was my first Ani show and I was impressed. She came flying out on stage full of fire. I think her newer music seems to dull that fire, but over all she puts on a great show. She played several songs from the new CD but also played a handful of classics from different parts of her career. Late in the show, Andrew Bird showed up to play violin and whistle on a few songs (the whistling I could do without). His playing, which I thought was very good, added more textures to a sound that had only included Ani’s acoustic guitar and her stand up bass player. But when she wants to, she doesn’t let a thing like an acoustic guitar and no band stop her from exploding on stage. And those moments are worth waiting for. We see Ani tomorrow, with Maria joining us this time, to finish off our long weekend.

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