Saturday, August 02, 2008

New Music for August 2008

Oh my. This is what I get for taking some time off. I've got loads of new music for you all to listen to. So, I'm going to split this up into a few posts. This first post will include music from New CDs by Bruce Springsteen, Amelia, Death Cab for Cutie, Alejandro Escovedo and The Original Soundtrack from Harold And Maude. Meanwhile, there is even more going on the stream. So please stop on by and give it a listen.
Amelia - A Long Lovely List of Repairs (2008)
A bit cabaret, sometimes international (the opening song for this CD is in Spanish, but sounds almost French) and always interesting, Portland based Amelia have created a CD that just can't be easily dropped into any of the obvious genres. They are too quirky for singer/songwriter but not quirky enough to call them Tom Waits disciples. A very enjoyable 3rd CD from this trio. Portland really has become a solid music scene.
Bruce Springsteen - Magic Tour Highlights (2008)
And highlights you get here with four songs in both audio and video format. Before I go on, if you didn't know already, this CD is only available at ITunes. So, four songs, all with special guests. For "Sandy", The Boss brings Danny up front for one of his last performances before his death (proceeds from the sale of this CD go toward a fund in his name), Roger Mcguinn helps out with "Turn! Turn! Turn!", Tom Morello performs an amazing guitar solo for "Ghost of Tom Joad" and in a rare turn, Bruce performs the first single from Alejandro Escovedo's new CD along with Alejandro. Four great performances. Well worth the $8.
Alejandro Escovedo - Real Animal (2008)
And speaking of Alejandro, this is one hell of a CD. Sure Dave Marsh (who wrote Bruce Springsteen's biography) called it the CD of the year. And okay, Alejandro just signed to the management company that handles Bruce. And yes, he got on stage with Bruce and they played HIS song. All of that made me step back and wonder if there is some overkill in marketing here. But the CD holds up. In any other era in rock an roll this would have been his coming out CD. It's got it all: the hooks, the Bowie like production, the riffs that all seem familiar and yet new and well written songs detailing his own life in the rock and role road show. This is one solid CD, maybe his best yet. Alejandro has written some great songs, but this is the first CD that is great from start to finish. Buy this and be prepared to rock!
Death Cab for Cutie - Narrow Stairs (2008)
Even though they are not my favorite band to see in concert, their CDs continue to impress me. This CD finds them stretching their musical boundaries sounding at times almost like a prog rock/art rock band. The 8 plus minute "I will possess your heart" will captivate you.
Harold and Maude Soundtrack (2008)
Back in February, I was reading a magazine while on a plane to Florida and there was an article about how Cameron Crow had worked with Cat Stevens to finally release a soundtrack to "the greatest love story of our generation" (or something like that came out of Cameron Diaz's mouth during "There's Something about Mary") on vinyl. Yes, only on vinyl. And only 2500 records. As soon as the plane landed I popped open my computer and ordered a copy. By the time I came home they were already sold out. So, I guess I can't tell you to buy this, although you might want to watch EBay. Anyway, this is a great package with posters, a large coffee table book with pictures and comments from most of the key people from the movie, a vinyl single with alternate takes and, of course, all of the wonderful songs that made up one of the great soundtracks of our time.

Music Hall Link - Alejandro Escovedo listen