Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Some Adult Music

I love watching artists mature. The following artists are all in their 30s and 40s. They have done some living and have things they want to say about it. These aren’t your typical rock and roll love songs...

Jen Chapin - Reckoning (2013)
As you listen to some of these songs you may find yourself thinking they are your normal relationship songs (plus a few socially conscious songs as well). But listen carefully and you’ll realize that Jen is a mother first (probably why it has been so long since the last studio CD) and some of these songs are really about her relationship with her kids. That alone makes this CD worth listening to. Jen's excellent writing and edgy style makes me think of Ani Difranco. I really love this CD and highly recommend it. For more info, check out http://JenChapin.com.

Thea Gilmore - Regardless (2013)
Thea has taken time out for a child and that process seems to have permeated her work. This is her most maturely produced CD. Some critics in England have compared it Dido’s work. I might go with Sarah McLachlan. This a beautiful CD (as should be obvious when you mention those two names). Long time fans may find it too... pop. But there is no doubt that a lot of care has gone into producing this. “Regardless” is available as an import or an MP3 download at Amazon.com . Give it a listen. It will take you back to the days of Lilith Fair and then beyond.

Changing the tempo a bit...

Frank Turner - Tape Deck Heart (2013)
Somewhere between punk and English singer/songwriter, Frank lays it all out for you. This is an artist who seems tired of the rock and roll life, but maybe can’t help himself. There are still plenty of love (or loveless) songs, but his advancing age (30’s can be a bit old for punk rockers) puts an interesting twist on the songs. He may have created the theme song for his generation, when he sings “We Shall Not Overcome”. I listened to this one way more than I thought I would. Really really good.

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