Monday, October 17, 2011

David Bromberg - Use Me

You could call it a return to form, but the truth is that David has just been busy with other parts of his life for quite a few years and really hasn’t released much. This CD called “Use Me”, named because he had his good friends write all of the songs and use him as the voice, is classic David Bromberg with his own version of electric blues, bluegrass and whatever else he can throw in. Greats like John Hiatt and Bill Withers contribute songs to this collection. If you were ever a fan, you should just buy this. If this is all new to you, check out one of the under appreciated talents in rock (especially on the left coast). Great guitar work, soulfully intellectual voice and it wouldn’t be a David Bromberg CD without some sad “you’re gone and good riddance” humor (check out “Tongue”). This CD makes me smile. What else could I ask for?

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