Monday, July 30, 2012

Fairly New Music

It has been some time since I reviewed any music here. Life has been very busy. But, there is just so much good music out there right now I just had to take some time and chat about it...

John Fullbright - From the Ground Up
Already way ahead of the pack in my CD of the year race, this debut studio release from the 26 year old from Oklahoma is fantastic on every level. The lyrics show an artist well beyond his physical years and the hooks and melodies owe a debt to the past without repeating it. From beginning to end a brilliant CD.

Chuck Prophet - Temple Beautiful
After listening to Temple Beautiful, you understand why Alejandro Escovedo’s last three CDs are so good. Chuck is not only a great writing partner, he has turned into a great solo artist. This is one spectacular CD with references about the Bay Area to keep us Californians talking about the lyrics for some time to come. A must buy.

Marjorie Cardwell - In Another World
I just love the artists from down under. Their sense of melody seems more finely tuned than most. Marjorie’s songs conjure up memories of the 60’s but she doesn’t really sound like anyone I remember. A lovely piece of music that keeps growing on me with each listen. You can pick up her indie CD here: .

Sam Phillips - Martinis & Bikinis (Remaster)
Generally, CDs created in the 90’s shouldn’t need a remaster. Honestly, the remastering is only a minor part of what makes this a great package. Yes, there is more clarity than before. But, if you’re listening on your iPod with some ear buds, you are not going to be able to tell the difference. What is exciting are the extras; 3 remakes that have shown up on other records and a beautiful new version of Strawberry Road. For you vinyl freaks, there is finally a vinyl version of the CD. And the highlight of the vinyl release are the pics. All of the album artwork is show in full size on the outside and the inner sleeves. It is a beautiful package. And the white discs are pretty cool too. Altogether, this is a pop masterpiece made even better. You can pick this up at the usual locations online or you can support the artist and the people behind this release by buying it direct from the label at .

Seth Walker - Time Can Change
A soulful voice, a smooth delivery and lots of heartbreak. If you look up groove in the dictionary, it will tell you to put down the stupid book and listen to this record. A jazzy, bluesy roots CD that just makes you feel good. Oh yeah, and what a sweet sound he gets from his guitar.

Lukas Nelson & the Promise of the Real - Wasted
You can hear dad’s voice in him, but this isn’t dad’s music; although you can hear the rebel. This is a good southern rockin time and I was surprised how much I liked it. Worth checking out.

Music Hall Link - Alejandro Escovedo listen