Monday, July 17, 2006

July 17th Play List

Aya Peard – Aya Peard (2006)
Her dreamy voice makes you want more than the three songs here. And her eclectic version of “Running with the Devil”, shows you that there is more here than a pretty voice and good production. Aya has a myspace page at http://www.myspace/ayapeard .

Dave Manning – Mobile Home Girl (2002)
His voice may remind you of Tom Waits and his main instrument is a piano, so the comparison gets even deeper. But Dave’s music is much more homespun. Bouncing between humorous stories and more straightforward songs about small town life, Dave brings his strong song making craft to a style that would probably be called country had he switched to guitar. The piano, though, gives the music a more emotional, personal ring. And something tells me he is a lot of fun in concert. You can buy his CDs at CDBaby; .

Grant-Lee Phillips – nineteeneighties (2006)
Unlike Mathew Sweet’s latest tribute to the 60’s, Grant’s tribute to the 80’s really works. He has taken all of these great songs and slowed them down and then stripped them down. What you have left are… the songs. And they do work. This CD will take you back, but you won’t feel like you’re rehashing the 80’s. Instead you are seeing it in a new light.

Richard Butler – Richard Butler (2006)
This is a nice way to segue: From Grant’s interpretation of the 80’s, to the first solo CD from the leader of the 80’s Psychedelic Furs. I first started hearing this CD on XM’s The Loft. It didn’t really grab me. But when I sat down with the whole CD, it seemed to make sense. You can hear some of the darkness from the early days, but it is not overwhelming. I found myself drawn into this CD. It doesn’t happen often enough these days.

Tina Dico – Live Session (2006)
If you read my review of her live show several months back, , you know where this review is going… Her solo versions of songs from “In The Red” and “Far” are worth the few bucks (You can only get this at ITunes). They’re worth much more than that actually. These 6 songs leave you wanting to hear everything she’s done, solo. She is touring right now. Do not miss her!

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