Sunday, October 01, 2006

October 1 Play List - Part 1

Life sure has a way of getting in the way. Between a big birthday party, 2 weddings, getting engaged and a half dozen or so other birthdays, September disappeared faster than a Democrat on the immigration fence in an election year. Meanwhile, I keep listening to music and preparing to add to my play list. There is so much music though, I didn't want any of it to get lost. So, I am going post a few mini reviews at a time. For those of you who I've promised air time, it is coming. Meanwhile, here are the first 5 of about 20 or so CDs that I will be adding to the play list.

Phil Roy – The Great Longing (2006)
”Not a note out of place”. That may be the best description of this CD that I’ve heard. Phil Roy’s third CD is literally perfect. The songs about personal strength and love are in some ways a continuation of the optimism of the 60’s, that got lost in the hedonism and self loathing of the 70’s and beyond. Although I must admit that I enjoy songs about hedonism and self loathing (Scott Weiland’s “Desperation #5” comes to mind), maybe it is time, in this era of fear and loathing to bring it back. As you listen to Phil’s soulful voice and perfect arrangements, you can’t help but hear the joyfulness of Stevie Wonder at times and social conscience of Marvin Gay. Have I pushed too hard here? This is a great CD that everyone should own. Buy the pre-release now. Go to .

Alexi Murdoch – Time Without Consequence (2006)
Nick Drake was playing as I started writing… And how fitting. Take the floating atmosphere of Nick, add the great acoustic guitar sound of Bruce Cockburn, and you’ve got the first full release by Alexi Murdoch. This CD is a couple of years in the making, and it was well worth they wait.

Amos Lee – Supply and Demand (2006)
I’ve been listening to this CD for some time now and with its release this week, you all can now hear what everyone has been raving about. There is no sophomore jinx as Amos easily keeps pace with last year’s “Amos Lee” CD. What Amos Lee has created are beautiful, powerful and well crafted songs. This should make my 10 ten list for 2006.

October Project – Covered – The Songs of Emil Adler & Julie Flanders (2006)
OP is one of my all time favorite bands, and Emil, Marina & Julie are some of my all time favorite people in the music biz. This is a CD of love; the love that so many east coast artists feel for both the music and spirits of the band called October Project. This tribute includes artists such as Julian Coryell, Joy Askew, Sylvia Tosun, Richard Barone (from the Bongos) and even a song performed by OP themselves. If you are a fan of the band, this is a fun ride through many of their finer songs. .

Kenny White – Never Like This (2006)
I’ve spoken with Kenny White several times over the last few years. He is not only a talented musician and songwriter, he is also not afraid to speak his mind. And that is what this CD, available at his website , is all about. Like so many other people who live on a coast in this fine country, Kenny is pissed at our president and the religious right. And these 5 songs are his personal attack on what he sees as wrong. Maybe his most scathing attack is reserved for Pat Robertson, who, he writes in his final lines of the song named after Pat, “a direct line to who?? Oh pat, c’mon spare me, in god’s corporation you’re a stock boy at best”. Ouch. This is another excellent political piece that will sit very nicely in your collection next to Neil Young’s “Living with War”. And my hat’s off to Wildflower for backing Kenny on this CD.

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