Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bob Schneider and Tina Dico at The Coach House March 26, 2008

What an interesting combination to show up at the Coach House... but it worked. I went solo to the show, which is fine at The Coach House because you are forced to face people at the dinner table and hopefully you have a decent conversation. Speaking of tables, they put me right up against the stage (stage left) which was great for the main shows, but one of the two opening acts had their drum set right up front and... well, let's just say I have a new appreciation for cymbals. Or... let's just say, if it wasn't for my tinnitus already causing my ears to ring, they would have been from the large cymbal that was a couple feet from my face.

After two good opening acts, Tina Dico came out by her self and attempted to tame the "rowdy" Bob Schneider crowd. And tame she did. A couple of songs into the set, the bar actually got quiet (pretty rare during opening acts there). The song that always seems to get everyone's attention is "Magic", a song about a one night stand. It is almost explicit and actually very funny. The first half of her 40 minutes was dedicated to her new CD which is being released in the U.S. in the next week or so. She continues writing songs that look inside people; songs that question why we are. It is great stuff, with beautiful melodies and a sometimes soft but passionate delivery. This Danish beauty's new CD, "Count to Ten" should be on your "To Buy" list.

Tonight we got the milder side of Bob Schneider. With only a two piece band behind him (keyboardist and electric guitarist), Bob spent time playing with tape loops and some electronic drum equipment along with his acoustic guitar; rarely rocking the house like he loves to do. Overall the new CD is a more subdued Bob and so the show reflected that. But the CDs quirkiness made for interesting arrangements and actually a fun show. At one point his keyboardist switched to trumpet (I believe he played a baritone tuba also) and then Bob picked up a trumpet and... Did you know Bob Schneider can play trumpet? Neither did I. He left out almost all of the classic crazy songs like "Tarantula" and "Ass Knocker". But the one he did, "Beatomatic" (often known as the Batman song), was done with different style electric guitar solos during each solo. Very cool. A handful of "Lonelyland" songs got played (if he had dumped those too there would have been a revolt) and one or two from The Californian, and then it was over. It is always nice to see Bob doing it a bit different, but it sure would be nice if he would get his act totally together and do another great CD, like Lonelyland. I'll hit every So. Cal. show when he does that.

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