Saturday, March 28, 2009

More New Music for March

And here is the rest of the music I have already started spinning this month...
Tina Dico - A Beginning A Detour An Open Ending (2008)
Tina's new CD is a combination of 3 EPs that where sold at her live shows during her last tour. As always, Tina's songwriting is magical. She tells the stories of relationships and friends in a unique and powerful way. I love her words. I love her melodies. I love her voice. The arrangements on these discs are generally simple, leaving it more about Tina, which is just fine for me. She has a voice and a quality about her that can carry a song. If you were already a fan, grab this. If you haven't listened to her yet, there is plenty of music here for you to love. 
Sound of the Blue Heart - Beauty (2006)
The voice is similar to Bowie, but there is a quieter power and passion here. There are some really beautiful songs. Some of them are very sad like "He's Forgotten How to Dream". He also creates a very dark version of "Can't Get it Out of My Head" by Jeff Lynne. This CD is addicting. I think I'll put it on again. 
Damnwells - One Last Century (2009)
Another solid CD from the Damnwells. No amazing songs like "Sleepsinging", but I enjoyed every song on this disc. 
Van Morrison - Astral Weeks Live (2009)
I came within inches of pressing the buy button on this concert at The Hollywood Bowl, but just didn't want to fork out so much money ($600 for two seats). Van's live version of what many consider his greatest album is as powerful today as when he released it well over 30 years ago. This will not disappoint. 
The Soundtrack of Our Lives - Communion (2009)
This Swedish band has captured the joy of classic rock of the 60's and 70's and brought it into the new world. Brilliant arrangements, soaring moments and melodies with great hooks are what they have always been about and this 2 CD set will not disappoint their fans; old and new. 
Bob Dylan - Tell Tale Signs (2008)
This CD from last year does not sound like a collection of odds and ends (from the later part of his career), but it is. Somehow the songs fit perfectly together creating one of my favorite Dylan CD's in some time. His new CD is due out shortly.
U2 - No Line on the Horizon (2009)
Simply put, this is the best CD U2 has done in years. It captures the spirit and fire of their older material, while still pushing for new sounds. 
Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3 - Goodnight Oslo (2009)
There is no genre that can hold him. No theme he will back away from. No tune he can't make a hook out of. The great Robyn Hitchcock, with friends from REM and the indie world, puts on a great show here. Excellent CD.

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