Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Late as always

For those of you listening, you've already figured out that there is plenty of new music on The Promise. In the new set are songs from Shauna Burns, Sara K., Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson, Steve Earle, The Decemberists, Bettysoo, Peggy Sue, Julian Coryell, Leonard Cohen, Side FX, Michael Tomlinson, Katell Keinig, Sarah Borges, Edgehill Avenue and Lotus. I'll get to my mini reviews in a few days hopefully. But I'm writing today because I remember...

In about 40 minutes, an old set rolls around on the station (Tuesday, 10:50AM Pacific time). I know it is too last minute for anyone to notice if you weren't already there, but it brought back memories of a friend who I miss. Jeanne Chappe used to send me mix CDs with wonderful music on them. A couple of those CDs made it onto my station many years ago and still pop up once in awhile. This was an amazing set of music for me because of the artists she introduced me to with it. The set includes Lucinda Williams, Paul Thorn, Amy Correia, Kristy MacColl and Raul Malo; none of whom I had ever listened to before. Jeanne, your spirit is still with us as we pass on the music you so loved. 

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