Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Joan Osborne, The Holmes Brothers and Paul Thorn

I was in Glendale last Friday for a concert. I know, that just sounds weird. Glendale CA isn't known for rock and roll. Never the less, there we were at the Alex Theater to see Joan Osborne and Paul Thorn. And what a wonderful night it was.

Paul opened the show with a 30 minute set (way too short for him) and had us all laughing from the opening song. His down home southern humor is infectious and he easily won over plenty of people (many of whom stood in line after his set to buy his latest live CD/DVD).

The Holmes Brothers then came out and presented us with a diverse set of rock and soul. It wasn't nearly as engaging as Paul Thorn, but for a trio of grey haired rockers they did a great job.

After an intermission, Joan came out with her keyboardist and a percussionist and did a wonderful job on "St. Theresa". The percussionist was then replaced by The Holmes Brothers, who, along with her keyboard player, backed her for the rest of the set. Joan did a few songs from Relish, a couple of new songs and did some great covers; pretty much tearing up the place with her powerful voice. She is as sexy today as she was when we first discovered her back in the mid 90's. It isn't just the body, it is her attitude and singing style that drives men, and plenty of women in the audience, wild. It is still amazing to me that a women with this much talent leaves so many seats empty. She was only out there for about an hour, but it was worth every penny we spent to see an artist who truly loves singing, doing what she does best. You'll find a couple of poorly shot videos of the show at www.youtube.com/infomas or click on the pictures down below.

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