Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Music February 2010

Somehow I just couldn't get through all of the 2009 releases and here we are in 2010 already. So, up first are all the latest 2010 CDs that are now playing on The Promise, including music from Amy Correia, Sam Phillips, Patty Griffin, The Burned, Jon Dee Graham, Tina Dico and Spoon. For you indie artists that have sent me CDs and are waiting to hear your music, it's coming. I promise.
Amy Correia - You Go Your Way (Spring 2010)
It opens with a piano/percussion driven song, the title track, "You Go Your Way", and I am hooked. It doesn't let up there though. The beautiful "Love Changes Everything" follows and then the funny/sad "Powder Blue Trans Am". Most CDs are lucky to have 3 winners, let alone lead off with 3 unique, powerful, and fun songs. All of Amy's original songwriting is wrapped up in Paul Bryan's solid production and Jay Bellerose's always amazing percussion. It's early in the year, but it is going to take a hell of a lot for an indie release to beat this CD in 2010. The CD is only available on Amy's website right now, but will be available everywhere soon. You can listen and buy it here: .
Sam Phillips - Magic for Everybody (2010)
And speaking of Jay Bellerose, he makes a return to recording with Sam Phillips on her latest EP, part of The Long Play project. The EP opens with "Always Merry and Bright", a look at the sadness behind the smile. Interestingly, the strings, arranged by Eric Gorfain, I believe, have a very traditional sound (not what we've grown to expect from Eric). This just adds to the sadness the song seems to bring out. That is not to say that Magic is a downer of a CD. Sam always seems to find the silver lining and the title track, "Magic for Everybody" which follows is so hopeful, she obviously placed it in that order to bring you back up. The 5 song EP ends with a remake of her Gilmore Girls song "Tell Her What She Wants to Know". It is slower and more... more... Sam. This may be my favorite of the EPs released so far and with this collection, we have easily gotten our money's worth. Check out the project at
Patty Griffin - Downtown Church (2010)
That I am listening to a "Gospel" album is a testament to the respect I have for both Patty Griffin and Buddy Miller. To Patty's credit, this CD is inspirational, but not overly in your face with the religion. As she has stated in interviews, she was working her way through her own faith as she recorded this. Most of the songs are covers of religious tunes that come in many forms; from country to Mexican traditional to soul. This is a very entertaining CD and Patty's voice shines throughout.
The Burned - The Burned (2010)
Just got this one the other day (thanks Mike) and it has "wow" written all over it. Moody, electric, bluesy, fascinating, wow. You must check these guys out! I hear they have a great live show too.
Jon Dee Graham - Its Not As Bad Aa It Looks (2010)
With a strong rocking band, The Fighting Cocks, behind him, Jon Dee continues to put out good music that gets ignored by the mainstream media. Many of the songs continue to dig into his life and his world, all of which is interesting, sad and beautiful. Check out this wonderful CD at .
Spottiswoode - Piano 45 (2010)
All good songwriters should be able to strip down their songs to piano or guitar and voice and you should be able to see the beauty of it all. On this solo CD from Jonathan Spottiswoode, the theatrics and strange but exciting arrangements are gone and it is all about the songs themselves. It may not be a starting point for new listeners, but if you are a Spottiswoode fan, you will find this batch of 15 songs a wonderful diversion from his other music. But judge for yourself. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. You'll find more info here:
Tina Dico - The Road To Gavle (2010)
Another great CD from Tina. Her wonderfully personal songs are only eclipsed by her beautiful voice. Why don't you own any Tina Dico?
Spoon - Transference (2010)
Spoon continues to knock out great music. This CD is a bit more experimental, maybe even a bit Wilco like in that way. Still, you find yourself loving these quirky songs and their strange moments.

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