Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Four Concerts in Four Nights – Act 4

Sunday morning Deb, Maria and I traveled down to San Diego once again. And again we were going to see Ani Difranco. The concert was at the Copley Symphony Theater and to say that the acoustics were not designed for amplified music is an understatement. I think Ani said it best: “This place is so beautiful, but the sound sucks”. Ani somehow was able to avoid being too distracted with the echo and put on another good show, changing out almost half the songs on the set list from the other night. It was actually a mellower show, which may have been because of the sound problems. We dropped Deb off at the hotel after the show and left her with a beautiful view of the harbor and a thousand or so amateur baseball playing lesbians (you had to be there I suppose). That Deb then got stuck in an elevator at 4:30 in the morning with some amateur baseball players and had a flight cancelled and spent a dozen hours trying to get home is really a story for her to tell.

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