Saturday, November 12, 2005

Music Update

I'm trying to catch up on things. Here are the latest CDs that have been added to my stream. Coming soon: Rachael Yamagata, Ryan Adams, Bonnie Raitt, Patti Smith and Brother Rock.

Kate Bush – Aerial – (2005) Kate’s first masterpiece of the millennium is brilliant. But you will only get part of the beauty and power here. You really must listen to this on a good music system to truly appreciate just how much care Kate put into Aerial. The flow, the moods, the soundscapes envelope you and carry you into her world. It is a beautiful album. I hope you will try it out for yourself.

Nickel Creek – Why Should the Fire Die? (2005) This is my first Nickel Creek CD and I may have to go back and check out the rest. Are they all this good? This is such a unique band with such amazing performers. It starts off great and never lets go.

Asylum Street Spankers – Mercurial (2004) This was just a fun CD: Funky lyrics, TV references. It is just a lot of fun. When you get tired of SCOTS and the South Austin Jug Band isn’t risky enough, check out the Spankers.

Caesars – Paper Tigers (2005) A recommendation from Eric of the Section Quartet, these Swedish popsters belong in the 80’s or maybe early 90’s. They’re fun and they’ve got great melodies and cool hooks.

Amelia’s Dream – Unravel (2005) Amelia Gewirtz and her band travel around the musical world sometimes sounding like Sarah, sometimes sounding like Nirvana, but always challenging us. For more info on this excellent live CD, go to . You can also pick up the CD at

Josh Joplin – Jaywalker (2005) A couple of years ago, I picked up Josh Joplin’s first CD and enjoyed it enough to put it on the station. But as time passed, I really fell in love with the CD. This new CD will hopefully hit me the same way. I immediately enjoyed it and am now waiting for it to totally win me over. A few more listens and we’ll see.

Badly Drawn Boy – About a Boy Soundtrack (2002) Every time I catch About a Boy on cable, I just fall in love with the music all over again. I finally found a copy of the soundtrack and can enjoy it over and over. These are beautiful well written songs; songs that really helped make the movie. You should also check out the movie if you haven’t already.

Amy Rigby – Little Fugitive (2005) I heard the song “The Trouble with Jeanie” and I knew I had to own this CD. This CD has wonderful stories about ex-wives, needy men and dancing with Joey Ramone. I love this one and it should be high on my year end list. Find out more about Amy at .

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