Sunday, November 27, 2005

This Weeks Play List

The new play list is starting a bit early this week (Sunday actually). The first set with all of these bands will play on Monday for the first time at around 10AM Pacific Time. I am also messing with the play list window. The song times will not be accurate. Sorry about that. I need to display some form of album title (not correct either) or risk being de-listed. Hopefully, there will be software upgrades in the future that will solve all of this. Meanwhile, here's what's new:

Graham Parker – Songs of No Consequence (2005) This is my favorite GP album in years (and I loved last year’s country CD). Graham is still angry after all these years and this time around he is focusing his attention on all the people around him who have settled; or worse, sold out. That’s not to say that he isn’t leading a “Dislocated Life”. After he is through skewering everyone around him, he has no problem taking shots at himself. And only Graham Parker can get away with a chorus that goes: “ba ba ba ba bad chardonnay”. When he sings “Did Everybody Just Get Old”, those of us nearing 50 can easily feel a bit too close to the song. This will easily be near the top of my year end list.

Kate Bush – King of the Mountain (Single) (2005) Why buy the single when you already have her fabulous CD, “Aerial”? For her version of “Sexual Healing” of course. And that’s all I need to say here.

Neil Young – Prairie Wind (2005) This is an excellent CD from Neil. Whereas some of his CDs over the last decade have been only for fans, this is one that will reach out to the casual Neil Young fans and pop fans as well as his hard core following. The style is back to the alt-country of “Harvest” and “Harvest Moon”. But this is much better than “Harvest Moon”. There is some organ and even a gospel choir mixed in. The melodies are stronger and there are dark themes running throughout it. This should be in the top section of my year end list.

Caitlin Cary & Thad Cockrell – Begonias (2005) Caitlin seems to do best when she is working with a partner. Having escaped Ryan Adams with her life (and violin) she has found an excellent partner in Thad Cockrell. This CD will remind you of the mellower, country sounds of Whiskeytrain. And if that isn’t a good enough reason to check this CD out, then I don’t know what it.

The Decemberists – Picaresque (2005) I saw and heard these guys for the first time this last September in Austin and they were just so much fun. A cross between They Must Be Giants and Barenaked Ladies, you will either love them or, well, I just don’t think there is an “or”. Everyone I play “The Mariner’s Revenge Song” to loves them. And the rest of this CD sparkles with wonderful stories about all sorts of strange people and things. This is yet another CD that will end up high on my year end list (I guess I’ve been saving the best for last this year).

Anny Rusk – Naked (2005) It takes guts to leave the dance mix crowd behind, moving toward a more singer/songwriter sound. The title “Naked” pretty much tells it all, as the artist known simply as Anny tries to find a newer mellower groove. The emphasis isn’t on the beat here, but more on the mood and lyrics. More often than not Anny succeeds. She has created a fine CD worth checking out. For more info on Anny, you can go to .

Tina Dico – In The Red (2/7/2006) I listened to this CD once a week or so ago (there was no hurry on my part since it isn’t due out for a couple of months). Today, when I threw it on the player, I couldn’t believe how I totally remembered these songs. This CD digs right in under your skin and doesn’t go away. The melodies are haunting, the arrangements are beautiful and Tina’s voice is so pure. This will be the first CD to be placed in my 2006 Best of the Year List. For more info on Tina, you can check out her web site .

Doves – Some Cities (2005) Waiting in line to get Lucinda Williams’ autograph at the ACL Music Festival this year, I was able to hear much of The Doves’ set from a distance. It was good enough for me to just go out and buy their latest CD. And I wasn’t disappointed. There is a great pop sound to these guys with roots in the 80’s and 90’s. Good hooks. Good melodies. Good CD.

Various Artists – Music from Gilmore girls (2002) One of the problems with soundtracks is that they often are hard to find and they’re over priced. And so, having found the Gilmore girls soundtrack, I still couldn’t get myself to spend the money. It took a third visit to the store before I finally decided I just had to have those Sam Phillips “cues”. And I will pass them on to you, along with interesting music from Joey Ramone, The Shins (see Garden State), XTC, Grant-Lee Phillips (no relation) and a childhood favorite, Claudine Longet singing Brian Wilson’s “God Only Knows”.

Various Artists – Dead Man Walking (1995) I’ve gone 10 years without owning this CD (I never used to like soundtracks). What a great list of artists: Everyone from Lyle Lovett to Patti Smith, from Tom Waits to Eddie Vedder, from Johnny Cash to Bruce Springsteen.

Various Artists – Garden State (2004) One of the best AAA or World Class Rock soundtracks ever released. Are you sure this isn’t a Cameron Crowe film?

Greg Kihn – Next of Kihn (1978) They were just about to hit the jackpot in the rock and roll lottery and touring with this album got them the title “A poor man’s Springsteen”. These simple but effective songs truly came to life in concert, and few men worked harder on stage at the time. If you don’t know the pre “Jeopardy” Greg Kihn, this was his best work.

Peter Gabriel – Peter Gabriel 3: Melt (1980) Peter Gabriel has always been at his best when he really has something to say. Songs like “Biko” and “Games Without Frontiers” are great examples. And anyone who remembers in detail the OJ trial, re-listen to “I Don’t Remember” and see if you notice anything familiar.

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