Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hardware Upgrade

Those of you who listen to The Promise a lot (and thank you, by the way), may have noticed that you haven't been kicked off this week. The Promise is actually pushed to the Live365 servers instead of residing on the servers like most of the Live365 broadcasts. Any hardware issues on my end interrupt the stream. I have been having intermittent hardware problems for some time now and finally sucked it up and replaced all of the networking hardware. As of today, we have gone 3 days without a blip (compared to several times a day sometimes). Please let me know if you experience any problems.

Meanwhile, more music is coming soon. There is the new CD, Memory Man which is the latest from Aqualung. And we have several Indie artists including The Red Button, Edgehill Ave., Travis Kline and Kerry Getz.

Thank you for supporting The Promise. But more important, Thank you for supporting independent musicians.


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