Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Music for April 2007

Travis Kline - Travis Kline (2007 EP)
This is a strong alt-country release. And he is only 18? Really? The future of alt-country is in good hands. I like all 6 songs on this EP.
Edgehill Ave - Edgehill Ave (2007)
Edgehill Ave. is a band with plenty of potential. Their Americana sound is full of classic melodies and fine acoustic guitar leads filling all the empty spaces. "With These Hands" is the standout cut.
The Red Button - She's About To Cross My Mind (2007)
Combining the classic 60's sound with sparkling production and straightforward songwriting, this is the perfect CD for those who want new music, but want to relive the 60's. "Cruel Girl" is as good as single I've heard in years.
Charlotte Kendrick - North of New York (2007)
Simple sweet stories about folks. Is that what folk music is all about? :-) Well that is what this folk CD is about. Charlotte has a beautiful and strong voice that carries these tunes along. And well written tunes they are. Treat yourself to the simpler pleasures.
Zera Vaughan - Back to the Roots (2007)
A little change of pace for The Promise. This techno/pop/multi-language release is intoxicating and I though you would enjoy to hear a bit of it. The Middle Eastern influence runs throughout and when combined with the full production sound, makes for a very powerful CD.
Carla Hassett - Quero Saber (2007)
Continuing along with the change of pace theme, Carla Hassett has created a beautiful CD. Partly sung in Portuguese, the South American rhythms along with Carla's expressive voice make this a CD that transcends language. Her cover of the Beatles "Julia" is just gorgeous.
Aqualung - Memory Man (2007)
Stylish without being contrived. That would be my description of Agualung. The writing is beautiful, the moody textures envelop you. This is what radio should be playing. Actually I think they may be. :-)
Air - Pocket Symphony (2007)
Beautiful and frustrating at the same time. This is such a beautiful CD and part of that beauty comes from the several instrumentals. But on a pop/rock album, instrumentals often make me think that the song would be so much better if it were completed. I know, I know, it was done this way for a reason. Still, there is so much more potential with these guys. Loved the CD. On the first set of songs for my stream, I kept wanting to put them next to either Aqualung or Arcade Fire. The three were meant for each other I suppose.
Arcade Fire - Neon Bible (2007)
While waiting in line for Crowded House, the subject of Arcade Fire came up. We both agreed that their live shows last year were at or near the top of our lists for live performances. This unlikely hero of the alternative scene has put out another CD in a similar vein, although they are stretching the sound (some are calling a couple of the songs 80'sSpringsteenish ... I'm not sure I'd go that far). The music continues to be dense and powerful. The lyrics seem to be moving out beyond their local lives into a more political statement. It works for me.
Graham Parker - Don't Tell Columbus (2007)
Graham Parker continues to put out good music. He is still an angry man, but what is important is that he continues to be relevant. He sticks it to the enemy while making you tap your feet and hum his tunes. Do not let this old guy slip by. This is a must buy.
Ron Sexsmith - Time Being (2006)
A near perfect singer/songwriter CD. Great songwriting, interesting ideas flying around in the songs, solid production, plenty of energy, melodies to hum to... I could go on and on. But you are better served just going over to Amazon and picking up your own copy.
Kerry Getz - Little Victory (2002)
There are a limited number of reasons that I love living in The O.C. One of the biggest reasons is the quiet, but talented, live music scene. What may make it unique are all the talented women playing around here. Kerry Getz fits in very nicely on The Promise along with Yvonne Perra and Jennifer Corday. Solid songwriting with a tremendous amount of personality is what distinguishes these women.
Warren Zevon - The Envoy (2007) & Warren Zevon - Stand In The Fire (2007)
It was a crime that these two CDs were unavailable until now. Both of these were recorded in the early 80's, and you have to put up with a bit of 80's synth.. but it is worth it. Stand In The Fire, a live album, rocks like no other Warren Zevon CD. The Envoy shows both Warren's sweet side and his political side.

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