Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Software

What the hell am I doing? The Promise is celebrating 8 years on the air (or through the tubes we call the Internet) this year and it has always been delivered to you via a wonderful software package called OTS. Although OTS has great sound and the BEST segue engine in the business, it was never really designed for Internet radio stations. You may have noticed that there was never album info or that all the songs ran 5 minutes in length. Well, that is all changing now.

Starting today I am slowly bringing up the new software, a program called SAM 4 from Spacial Audio (and no, for those of you who know me, it has nothing to do with Sam Phillips). There are over 5000 songs that need to be brought into the system and I am nowhere near that yet. But I'm hoping to get most of the play list up by the end of the weekend. All of the current music is up though. All of the old intros to sets are gone. I have replaced them for now with short IDs. Hopefully, when I have time, I will slip in a few words live, just to keep you all on your toes.

The changes... you want to know the changes? Well, I am abandoning the creation of sets for now. In its place I am attempting to make sure the current music gets more airplay and that the core songs from the play lists, which hopefully you want to hear more than once or twice a year, will get more airplay. The website will be changing soon also. You will soon have more access to all of the songs played on The Promise and if all goes well, the chance to request songs from that database. I am also hoping to make it easier for indie artists to get their songs to me. I know when this is all set up, I will be able to push the new music out to you much faster than I am today.

So, sit tight, cross your fingers, light a candle and pray that this all works out well. And please, by all means, after listening for awhile, let me know what you think.

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