Friday, August 06, 2010

Kristy Hanson in Noho

The Valley is not dead. A cool thing is happening in Noho (the arts district of North Hollywood). The first Thursday of the month is “Hear Noho” and several galleries and performance spots are opening their doors to up and coming artists. You purchase a ticket from any of the locations and then can go see any of the seven or eight shows that are going on that night.
I was there to see Kristy Hanson doing a rare acoustic set and was not disappointed. I’ve said many times that the true test of the quality of a song is to strip it down. If it survives, you’ve got a good song. When I first heard about this gig, Kristy seemed a bit apprehensive. She’s been working with a full band for awhile now and, at least online, seemed worried that we would not like her music without... all the guys behind her. Well, Kristy had nothing to worry about. With just Timothy Young backing her with a variety of banjos and guitars, Kristy performed a strong 45 minute set. In fact, stripping away the band seemed to help emphasize her beautiful voice and original melodies. The lyrics also seemed to stand out more. In fact, she seemed even more confident in front of the crowd than the last time I saw her (at the Hotel Cafe). I hope Kristy continues to perform acoustic shows. She is playing to her strength.


Unknown said...

Love my lover of music! I love how you nurture so many talented music and make the world more melodious ;)
Mil besos, M

Bruce Greenberg said...

Mil besos, Mi Amor

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