Friday, December 31, 2010

Final List of Muisc for 2010

Okay, I have a shot at getting through all of the 2010 CDs that I have to review. This is a doable list. :-) It may take a few weeks to get them all loaded on my station, but now I’ll actually have a shot at listing some of my favorites of the year... As soon as I get through the following:

Robert Plant - Band of Joy (2010)
I really liked this CD. Whereas the Raising Sand CD was split between the two of them, this CD is really Robert exploring Americana with some excellent help from people like Patty Griffin and Buddy Miller. It is a rougher album and more exciting.
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs (2010)
They continue to put out strong CDs with a message and a beat. Better than the last one. And if you have Chrome on your computer, you must check out this web site, , that uses a song from the CD. Really amazing.
Gogol Bordello - Trans-Continental Hustle (2010)
This is such a fun band. Imagine Flogging Molly, but with a Russian gypsy sound. This new CD adds some Spanish influence with a message about immigration as seen from the side of the poor.
Los Lobos - Tin Can Trust (2010)
They just keep coming out with good CDs. Add this one to your collection.
Pete Yorn - Pete Yorn (2010)
I’ve always loved Pete’s music. It’s the lyrics that have been problematic for me. If you’re a fan, you will love this hard rockin’ CD. I enjoyed it... But it could be so much better.
Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - III / IV (2010)
If you love the rockin’ Ryan Adams, you should like this double CD. But for me, there is something missing. I’m not sure exactly what it is though. In time I’ll figure it out. Still, the Ryan Adams with something missing is better than most CDs out there.
Elvis Costello - National Ransom (2010)
All over the musical map, this CD sounds good and works on some levels. In his heyday, Elvis had some great hooks, both musically and lyrically. This is no where near that, but it is enjoyable.
Paul Thorn - So Far So Good Live (2010)
Good live music from someone who deserves more attention. Check out any of my reviews from his previous CDs.
Richard Barone - Glow (2010)
This was so much better than I imagined. To me, on this CD he is the American version of Robyn Hitchcock; strange music with lethal hooks. It isn’t really strange, just slightly twisted. I highly recommend this.
Justin Townes Earle - Harlem River Blues (2010)
Steve’s son gives us solid dose of Americana. Worth checking out.
KGSR Broadcasts Vol. 18 (2010)
Probably not the best in the series, but this is always a highlight of the fall season for me. Get one while you still can at .
Paul Vens & Friend - Words in Time (2010)
Mellow. Beautiful. New Age. These all describe Paul’s music. A very acoustic folk sound from Holland, Paul Vens’ music is hard to label, but very enjoyable.
Ben Folds/Nick Hornby - Lonely Avenue (2010)
What an interesting combination. Nick’s lyrics take Ben’s music on an unusual journey, but it feels like it is missing its soul. With each listen though, the songs seemed to grab me a bit more. It may be worth the effort to keep listening.
JP Chrissie & The Fairground Boys - Fidelity (2010)
What can I say that I haven’t already said about this band. The CD is an interesting concept about a couple who got together, broke up and then formed a band. The highlights happen whenever Chrissie Hynde opens her mouth and sings. The low lights are whenever she doesn’t. There is some good music here. If you can get it cheap...

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